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Mobile Learning

Wavelength created a multimedia, mobile-responsive digital guide and comprehensive print materials for the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ. These resources support the Foundation’s vision of arming parents, teachers, and whānau with the knowledge, understanding, and skills to successfully manage children’s asthma. Together, these materials provide multiple ways for parents and teachers to engage with key messages about asthma management. Those who understand these messages will be empowered to help children grow up healthy, active, and safe.

This resource contains two portals: one for parents and another for teachers. Each has a strong focus on prevention – avoiding asthma attacks and minimising the effects if any do occur. Both resources provide opportunities for parents, caregivers, and children to engage actively with the content and make connections between what they are learning and their personal experiences. The language is plain but important terms are explained and reiterated.

View our mobile asthma resource for parents and schools here: