Wavelength - A Cognition Education Group Company

Handbook and infographic

The Challenge

TBS are a leading specialist trades contractor, providing services to industrial, commercial, and government infrastructure clients throughout New Zealand. They had a company handbook given to all employees when they first started, which they wanted to make more engaging and a resource that employees could use both during their induction and afterwards. They also wanted some way of reminding their employees of their responsibilities. Many of their employees did not have high literacy levels and worked in a variety of locations and sites around New Zealand.

The Solution

Wavelength redesigned the handbook to make it easier to understand, with colour-coded sections so employees could easily find the information they needed. We also edited the text into plain English.

The second part of the project involved taking the key points from the Code of Conduct section in the handbook and turning them into an infographic. We showed a number of different work areas to reinforce that this was not just for those who worked in one part of the business (such as the office). The infographic was placed in all break rooms and offices as a constant visual reminder of each employee’s responsibilities.

The Results

The new TBS handbook and the code of conduct infographic refreshed and significantly improved what had become a very dry induction process. Both resources ensured that all new recruits received a consistent message, no matter what part of the business they were from and presented the information is a much more interesting and user-friendly format.

The feedback about the handbook was very positive, with many commenting that it had made the induction process easier and more professional. It is now a critical part of the company management systems and is relied upon as a means of ensuring that new employees have the most up-to-date information about the business’ operations and systems. The code of conduct infographic was so well received by the workforce that TBS commissioned Wavelength to develop another one on safety when working at height. They continue to be proudly displayed in all offices and lunchrooms and have been frequently admired by clients and other contractors.


Wavelength were fantastic to deal with throughout this project and were always excellent at ensuring they understood the unique aspects of our business. They have a knack for taking something complex and turning it into something simple, fun, and easy to understand. I would not hesitate to use them again in future.