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Keep health and safety a staff priority.

Our Expertise

Need to build capability but not sure where to start? That’s where we come in – we’re experts in how people learn. Here are just a few areas we can help you educate and motivate your people.

Induction training

Give your new hires the best start possible. A great induction experience builds early engagement in your brand and culture and gets your staff up and running faster. We can help you map out the entire onboarding journey and design a streamlined plan, incorporating the best of your current approach and blending in a mix of practical tools and inspiring new resources – anything from checklists and guides to online activities and immersive events to an induction portal that ties everything together. And we’ll design each component to be sustainable so you can maintain and update as your business evolves. 

Sales and industry training

The capability of your people is your competitive advantage. Whatever your industry we’ll help you develop effective training that builds new skills and increases performance. Our approach helps us quickly understand your business and learners so we can design meaningful and relevant learning activities. Ones that reflect the realities of the role, connecting theory to practice. We also know it’s important for training to fit the demands of your workflow. We’ll recommend the perfect blend of digital, virtual, and in-person to keep your people productive and motivated. After all, better learning is better business. 

Health and safety training

Create a culture of safety in your organisation. As health and safety evolves from mainly risk and hazard management to encompassing wellness, the nature of training is also changing. We’ll help you move beyond the do’s and don’ts and generate proactive safety behaviours through powerful storytelling and real life scenarios. From simple but inspiring e-learning to engaging education campaigns to web apps for those in the field, we’ll design a solution that motivates your team to keep themselves and others safe and well. 

Compliance and policy training

Don’t waste time on cookie-cutter compliance training that disengages your people. Context is the key to meaningful learning. Your people experience most regulatory requirements through your processes, your systems, your culture, and most importantly your customers. We can help you design learning that builds a connection between what needs to be done and why, reflecting realistic workplace decisions and motivating learners to do the right thing. 

Change management

Transforming your organisation and building new capability go hand in hand. We’ve helped clients implement new structures, new systems and processes, new products, and change their cultures – ensuring their people were supported throughout and felt confident to embrace the change. We can help you assess impacts, analyse training needs, and design and develop effective comms and learning. By focusing on providing the right support at the right time we often find less is more when it comes to training – helping you spend your budget in the right places.

Learning platforms

The world has gone online and access to digital learning is more important than ever. But where to start? There’s a lot to think about, ranging from development tools to hosting and reporting platforms to workplace adoption (for example, what it takes to successfully introduce emerging technologies like AR and VR). We can help you define your requirements, explore options, and set your digital learning strategy. And because we’re not selling a specific product you can count on us to provide honest advice and help you make the right digital learning decision.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you.