Wavelength - A Cognition Education Group Company

How we work

At Wavelength, our success lies in our expertise and experience in learning and information design, and in our collaborative, iterative process. We work closely with you to identify your needs and design training that is engaging, practical, and client-focused. The process is well-proven, flexible, and consultative.

Learning design and development

This is the core of our business. Our team combine their instructional, visual, and online skills to develop engaging learning and information resources and experiences, on any topic and in the best medium for the job. We have extensive expertise in video production and editing, audio production, animation, and e-learning development.

Senior consulting, advice, and support

Wavelength’s senior consultants provide professional advice, guidance, and training on organisational learning and development. We’re also experienced at helping to implement and improve ways of delivering learning (like introducing self-study learning, manager-led learning, and online learning) and completing training needs analysis.

Graphic and interactive design

Our graphic designers and developers specialise in enhancing the communication and learning experience to make it more engaging for the learner. From creating diagrams to simplify complex content, to designing easy-to-use resources for effective learning, our team works with you to create memorable designs.

Quality assurance

Our experienced editors check every project that goes out of our offices. They ensure that any in-house styles are followed, that the structure and the content makes sense, and that there are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. They can also do a plain English edit on any material.


One of our biggest strengths is our collaborative way of working. We work with your subject matter experts to harness their knowledge of your organisation and industry. We combine this with our own specialist knowledge to deliver the learning solution that best suits the needs of your audience.

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